Special Frequency Converter For CNC Machine Tools LSD-S7000

LSD-S7000 series is a special frequency converter for CNC machine tools, mainly used in CNC machine tools and related equipment. The program sets with special parameters to reduce manual operations and make it easier to use. The frequency converter mainly has the following characteristics: large low-frequency torque and stable output; high-performance vector control; fast torque dynamic response, stable speed and high accuracy; rapid response to deceleration and stop, and strong anti-interference ability. After using LSD-S7000 series frequency converter, the original complicated mechanical structure such as the gear transmission of the machine tool can be simplified, and increase the degree of automation. Also, the inverter can provide 100%-150% overload protection, the maximum output frequency can reach 400Hz, which can meet the requirements of machine tools.

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LSD-S7000 product application industry: Processing centers, large complete sets of equipment, plastic machinery, textiles, printing, copper materials, printing and dyeing, packaging, woodworking machinery and other industries

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